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AZ ABLE Accounts Available for Individuals with Disabilities

Thursday, June 13, 2019   (0 Comments)
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ABLE accounts are made possible by the federal Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act that allows qualifying individuals with disabilities the ability to save and invest at least $15,000 a year without losing eligibility for government assistance programs.

 AZ ABLE is Arizona’s ABLE Plan that is offered to Arizona residents through a partnership with Ohio’s STABLE Account Program and is administered by Arizona Department of Economic Security (ADES). AZ ABLE launched March 5, 2018, and accounts are like a 529 education savings account or a 401(k)-retirement plan. Additionally, the accounts can function as a regular checking, savings and/or investment account.


What are the Benefits? 

 AZ ABLE accounts provide financial independence and empowerment for individuals with disabilities by dramatically increasing the ability to save and invest.

 Before, individuals with disabilities could only save $2,000 before losing needs-based benefits.

 If a beneficiary is employed, he/she may contribute up to an additional $12,140 of employment earnings to an account, bringing the total maximum yearly contribution limit for employed beneficiaries to $27,140 per account.

 AZ ABLE account funds can be used on Qualified Disability Expenses including education, housing, transportation, healthcare, assistive technology, employment needs, basic living expenses, and many more.

 Earnings on an AZ ABLE account grow tax-free and are not subject to federal income tax, so long as they are spent on Qualified Disability Expenses.


Who is Eligible?

 An “Eligible Individual” is someone whose disability began before the age of 26, has been living with their disability for at least one year, or expects their disability to last for at least a year.

 An individual must also do one of the following: 1. Be eligible for SSI or SSDI; 2. Have a condition listed on the Social Security Administration’s List of Compassionate Allowances Conditions; or 3. Self-Certify their diagnosis.

 Visit to take the quick and easy eligibility quiz to learn more.

What is the STABLE Card?

 The STABLE Card is a debit card participants can use to easily spend money from an AZ ABLE account. It is available at no cost to all AZ ABLE account holders!

 The STABLE Card is a loadable prepaid debit card. It does not pull money directly from a STABLE Account to better protect spending. The card is accepted anywhere Visa is used.

How do I Enroll?

 An AZ ABLE account can be opened by a qualifying person with a disability, the parent or legal guardian of an eligible individual, or by a designated Power of Attorney.

 Online enrollment is free. Participants will need to deposit a minimum of $50 to open an account.

 Account set up and enrollment is done online at  No bank trips necessary!

AZ ABLE – Administered by Arizona Department of Economic Security

1-800-439-1653 | |

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